How long will the cookies keep?

The cookies will stay fresh in the box for up to 4-6 weeks. As long as you don't leave the box open, or have them in a moist environment (causing the powdered sugar to get damp), they may even last longer. (That is if they don't disappear!)

Can I freeze the cookies?

Yes, the cookies freeze very well! You can even freeze them right in the box. (The label might come off after freezing though.)

Can you package a larger container than the 3 doz -- say 6 or 9 doz?

Yes, I do have other boxes than the "take-out" boxes that can accommodate a larger quantity such as 6 or 9 dozen. But, I wouldn't advise any more than 9 dozen in a box. They can break apart easily, and any larger quantity in a box, the weight of the cookies can cause some broken cookies. (And we don't want that.)